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The Doctor takes Martha to an Underwater Aquarium where they find that things are not right. Why does all the food taste the same and what is the doctor detecting that he can't see.


Part 1 Edit

The Doctor and Martha are looking around an Aquarium they notice a skeletal human foot. The Doctor decides to investigate but spots a spotted black and red shark. Martha being from the 21st century does not know what he means and has never seen one before. She and the doctor are told what one is by Bernard a big headed man who thinks the world revolves around him.

The due decide to get something to eat Martha notices that there are no vegetarian things on the menu just fish. They go to pay and notice the chef who is a five armed green alien seems a bit mysterios. After lunch they decide to have a look round Martha notices a metal squid zooming about the water. She sneakily puts her hand in the doctors pocket and pulls out his sonic. He says he needs to go to the loo. Martha aims at the creature and scans it. She suddenly gets C.C.T.V Pictures of the aquarium she also sees a diver get pushed in by a masked figure and the diver gets eaten by a great white shark.

Martha goes to tell the doctor but she is kidnapped and locked in a dark room. the only thing she could see was a glowing Orange Jelly Fish.

The Doctor meamnwhile starts to look round he sees Bernard talking to a woman and acting shifty. He over hears the words There on to us.

Martha notices the lights come on and sees a guard the orders the jelly fish to kill Martha.

Part 2 Edit

Martha screams but pulls out the sonic screwdriver and zaps the Jellyfish. She hides under the desk and the guard is blinded by the exploding Jellyfish. She escapes and meets up with the doctor. she tells him of her observations and they head to Bernards office.

Bernard and his parter Celia are talking about the radar picture they are detecting. They get a message from a man over an intercom.

The Doctor and Martha intersept the message they find out that the staff at the Aquarium are killing intellagent alien life form and serving them up to cut costs. They head to the office but get held at gunpoint by a cleaner who is part of a resistance group.

Meanwhile the man Bernard and Celia where talking to; a Scientist named Jamie Hope is on a submerine. The fish are held in Issalation. They get up free and advance for him.

The chef at the Aquarium restraunt gets food sent up to him. Instead not the fish people he gets Jamie's body all heated up. He calls for assistance.

Bernard and Celia run out there office to assist the cituation. Martha, the doctor and Erin the cleaning girl pursue them they are followed by the half blinded guard. They all end up in the canteen but they feel the glass around the canteen snap. The canteen and the kitchen begins to sink to the submerine that the fish aliens are on.

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