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The 11 Doctors

The 11 Doctors and their companions are brought together from all across Time and Space to work together. But who brought them, and why?

The 11 Doctors


Series 8




Jake Fraser(Sypsonis)

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Part One Edit

“Doctor” said Jo Grant.

“Yes Jo” the Doctor said.

“I still can’t get over what just happened on Spiradon with the Daleks.” Jo said.

“We escaped and we’re alive so it doesn’t matter now.” the Doctor said.

The Doctor was a middle sized man short grey hair and and a face of a 50 year old and had a Bow Tie.

“Doctor there is another police box out there should we go check out” said Jo

“Ok” said the Doctor.

So The Doctor and Jo went outside to check the other Police Box but when they walked in they realised it wasn’t a police box but in fact another TARDIS. Suddenly a young man and a young red headed girl walked out from behind the TARDIS console. The young man looked at The Doctor and The Doctor looked back at him and the young man said it is me said “Oh no! It is me.”

“ What do you mean Doctor” the red headed Girl said to the man also called the Doctor.

“I mean it is me from the past Amy” “Oh” the girl called Amy said. “Who are you” The Doctor asked the other Doctor.

The Other Doctor replied with” I’m you eight regenerations into the future so I am the Eleventh Incarnation and you are the Third Incarnation”

“If you are me” the Third Doctor said “than you will know how I regenerated into my current incarnation”

“Easy” the Eleventh Doctor said “enforced upon us by the Time Lords as a form of punishment”

“You must be me than” the Third Doctor said” No one else knows that.”

“Yes whatever.But this can’t be happening. For starters a Paradox should have happened as soon as you looked at me and I looked at you. Unless...” The Eleventh Doctor said to the third Doctor.

“a paradox machine.” The two Doctor’s said at the same time.